PackIt is easy to use. Just freeze, pack, and go!

Just store PackIt in your freezer until you're ready to pack it with whatever you'd like! Remember, with PackIt you can pack a more healthy and natural meal than you can with paper bags and ordinary lunchboxes.

PackIt keeps its contents cooler – longer!

Up to 10 hours, in fact. Thanks to PackIt the healthy meal-on-the-go is possible again. And any leftovers from lunch can go safely back in your refrigerator, both reducing waste and saving you money – a win-win!

PackIt is kid and earth friendly.

PackIt has a patented eco-gel liner, eliminating completely the need for ice cubes or toxic gel packs. That means you can both save a tremendous amount of water and energy over time while keeping harmful chemicals away from you lunch! PackIt is lead-free, PVC-free, BPA-free, non-toxic, earth-safe and reusable.

PackIt is budget-friendly.

Over a 30-year career, a person can save nearly $100,000 by packing lunch at home.

PackIt is fashion-forward and trendy!

Save money, eat healthy and look good while doing it.

PackIt is tried and tested.

All aspects of PackIt's design have been rigorously tested both by professional, third-party reviewers and by thousands of inquisitive customers at home.
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